Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mystery in Meru

"Dearest Wren...It's an old palace, long forgotten and abandoned...Someone even tried to hide the entrance...After carefully studying several historical texts, I believe this place to be Quentin, the former home of the Lucian royalty...I also found a journal written in a lady's pen that has some mysterious journals later in it's pages. It seems that she, Alverdine Portchi, feared both her betrothed, Sark the crowned prince of the Lucia's, and the servants. Neither parties were very congenial towards her or the morning when she woke up after falling asleep cleaning the floor of the servants' kitchen she overheard a few of the menservants talking of executing Sark but she knew she could never utter a word for they would surely kill her...Despite her situation with Sark, Sark was her only protection and she would rather face his anger than that of the servants. Alverdine again expresses her fear of the servant's uprising and plans to tell Sark of what she heard the next morning...I've yet to make it to the second floor where I believe the wedding to have taken place...The last entry in the journal was dated the morning of her wedding."

Aquila's first chapter has been posted!


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