Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Exploring hidden castles!

"She carefully turned the pages until she found “Quentin”. There was a daguerreotype of a magnificent castle in all its glory. Flags flew at each corner hailing the circular cobblestone drive that came up to a wide staircase that led up to two gigantic oak doors. The grounds were well cared for, rose bushes lined the steps and the drive and the grass was kept well cut. Two guards in full regal attire stood at each side of the doors and two more at each side of the bottom of the steps and a carriage with a coat of arms painted on it's side sat attached to two beautiful white bays just off to the side.
There were two guards that patrolled the top of the castle and just below him on the second floor was a good sized window with beautifully ornate curtains drawn back. The picture was done so well that you could see couples dancing in the ballroom there on the second floor.
A beautiful sunset framed the castle in the background and Aquila felt as if she were there...for a second. The door creaked and she jumped and dropped the book."

Read Aquila's second chapter to find out what happened!


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