Monday, November 27, 2006

More trouble

Creak! There it was again, and it sounded like it was coming from the shop below.
Trying to not make a sound, Daelia slid from the bed. From a peg on the wall she took down her bow and pulled an arrow out of the quiver, putting it in place against the bow. Her body moved silently, gliding down the steps in the way she had trained herself to move through the forest. Many times she had wondered into the blackness of the forest with less fear than gripped her heart at this moment. You shouldn’t go down there! She argued back at herself, but someone could be here to steal Finneas’s money or the rest of the paintings…I can’t let that happen.
When Daelia’s foot went down on the third step to the bottom, the wood creaked loudly. She froze for a second, her chest pounding. A rustling was coming from the shop; she heard a footstep, then another. Slipping from the stairwell into the dark shop, she drew back the bowstring tightly.


Chapter 4 of Daelia is up! Please comment!


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