Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Chapter 4 ~ Joining won't help

Man, can he get in any more trouble?? Um, yeah. Aiden is at it again!


“I am Captain Ricald of Elangsa,” he said sitting on his chair in a manner that made him act more like the king of Elangsa, then its captain. He placed his finger tips together and stared at him over the tips of them. “You have impressed me.”

I wasn’t sure if I should find this a good thing or not. I didn’t trust the man and that made me leery of anything he said.

“That is not an easy thing to do. You would have killed Fastron if I had not stopped you. I think you would even have enjoyed it.”

Again, I stayed silent. He was right.

“I have jobs for such ruthless men.” His hazel eyes watched me carefully, as if he was trying to discern something I had not yet given away. But what?

“What types of jobs?” I finally asked.

A small, cruel smile finally cracked on his face. “Jobs that will need your expert fighting and your killing nature.”


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