Monday, November 06, 2006

Zoe's Questioning Eyes ~ Aiden Chapter 3

Zoe's Questioning Eyes hold so much power. Poor Aiden is about to find out just how much. Read carefully for Chapter three is up, but is again RATED for VIOLENCE and DARK THOUGHTS.


“I have a job for you. I can pay you well. I need it done tonight.” He was looking at the floor as he talked.

I lifted my hand above the table and used the tip of the dagger I still held to slit the bag open. Coins fell out. He looked at the bag, eyes wide. I paid him little attention. It was a lot of money. More than a simpleton like this should have had on him. I glanced up at him.

He swallowed, but this time held my gaze.

“Where?” I asked finally, having made my decision to take the job.

“He’s in a house on the outskirts of the forest,” he answered with a rush of breath.

I nodded. “I’ll need a map of the house.”

He agreed eagerly. “I can get that. I know the house well.”

“Then do it,” I commanded in an even tone.

Check it out: Chapter 3

Charissa's note:
This was hard to write because I felt so bad for both Aiden and his real victom. He is so lost right now. And this chapter will make it SO much worse. Read carefully, for much goes on in Aiden's mind that is easy to miss f you don't know him. And let me know what you think.


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