Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Zoe!

Tancred heard the noise at the front door even from his place in the kitchen near the rear of the house. Instantly he stopped eating and quietly reached over to his nearby sword. His right hand gave a twinge of pain around the stitched wound as he moved, but Tancred was used to the injury by now and automatically blocked it out. Strapping his scabbard to his side, he stood from the table, slowly drew the blade, and advanced silently into the hallway.

A few seconds later he was at the front door. He noticed a piece of paper at the base of the door but ignored it for the time being. More interesting to him than the contents of what he was sure was another note would be the person who had delivering it. Without a sound, he unbarred the door. Sword at the ready, he opened the heavy front door in one quick movement.


Chapter 28 of Zoe is up for your perusal!


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