Thursday, July 03, 2008


Hello All! Sorry to make you wait so long. I have added a few more chapters during your reading break. I believe I now have to write about eight more chapters and the story will be finished. Ah, how odd that will feel! Of course, that is all provided that Aiden and Kristalyn do their part and that hasn't been going so well lately. Everything I try to write from this chapter forward, they seem to believe they have something better and proceed to write it with or without my permission. Good thing I've learned they are usually right! For instance, Aiden did his own little rewrite in this section, I'm sure your recognize it when you get there. I questioned him about it, but he said he had to do it and of course that meant I shrugged and let him. For all my complaining, you must realize that as a writer it is our greatest frustration, but also our greatest joy when characters come into their own and take over their story. To us, it means they have fully developed into characters we can love and share an adventure with. I hope you are able to do that with Aiden, Kristalyn, and their friends!

Kristalyn's POV: I have to tell him goodbye. He's going to leave. I know it. What will the others do? What will I do? I don't want him to go. But, his brother.... Oh, Deus! The tears want to come and I can't let them. I'm going to tell him goodbye and I know when I do, it will be the last time I lay eyes on him. The thought tears me apart. Aiden, what are you doing?

Chapter 32 A Choice

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