Monday, October 09, 2006

A battle of wills

She was still seated on the cot when the door swung open almost an hour later. The merchant’s tall frame filled the open doorway and Zoe was suddenly aware of how strong this man was, especially in comparison to the indolent rich men she had observed all day. He was carrying a tray and she smelled a heavenly aroma coming from it.

“Are you hungry?”

She rose to her feet quickly and stared at him disdainfully. Her stomach growled as she replied curtly, “No.”

“Really.” The merchant raised one dark eyebrow in a move of absolute superiority that Zoe hated. “When did were you last given food?”

“You speak as if I were an animal, waiting for my master’s crumbs to fall to the floor,” Zoe retorted, ignoring his question. “I was free but a week ago, traveling where I wished and eating when and what I wanted.”

“Traveling where?”

“Is that really any of your business?” She snapped back.

“You speak rather freely to someone who has much control over you,” he said evenly, setting the tray down on the nearby table. Zoe’s mouth watered at the tantalizing scent that wafted toward her. “Elangsian slaves are not usually highly valued. If I were a crueler man, I could have you killed for disrespect.”

“Your control over me lasts only as long as I’m your slave,” she replied bitingly.

“Implying that you won’t be mine for much longer,” he finished.

Chapter 4 of Zoe is up! Come and read the full edition here


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