Friday, September 22, 2006

The Ballroom

"The hall seemed to go on and on an endless tunnel towards the unknown, the torches numberless. The flames cast shadows on the wall as she steadily made her way. Time seemed to stand still, life on pause as the dread rose higher and higher to what she might find. Why she thought she would find something, she had no idea. It was just an empty room. It was an empty castle. There was no reason for her to dread it. She was on an wasn't working. Nothing she could tell her nerves would work. Her skin was crawling now and her hand shaking.
She almost jumped when she turned to light a torch and it was the door to the ballroom. Quickly recovering, Aquila's shoulders rose in determination. Her hand went to the door knob and she shoved the door open. She stepped inside and lit the torches on both side of the door. Now she turned and jumped. The silence that had pervaded her journey was disrupted with terrified screams."

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