Thursday, October 12, 2006

A firm resolve

Well, I'm either inspired or just crazy: here's chapter FIVE of Zoe. I think I'm just crazy. No clue what happened that finally got this story kicked into gear. Hope you like the next chapter! The plot thickens..... :)

A rare feeling of despair rose up in her. How was she going to escape this place? It was clearly preposterous not to try escaping, but the actual process of leaving this great city would be very difficult. She did not want to face the alternative that loomed, the result if she remained passive and did not try to leave. I would be a slave forever.

A flicker of motion in her peripheral sight caught her attention, distracting her from her dispiriting thoughts. She glanced to the right and scanned the topmost branches of a tall, graceful oak tree that stood there. Another flash of movement drew her eye, and her heart jumped when she saw the falcon perched on a high limb. No…it can’t be. Is it?

She walked closer. Cormac was inside the house with Jaedon. She did not think they were paying her any heed. Still, she took care to act nonchalant as she moved toward the oak. When she stood at very edge of the fenced yard, she called softly up to the falcon. “Iolani. Come, Iolani.”

The falcon’s head twitched and the elegant white bird eyed her keenly. Zoe tentatively beckoned to the bird but did not offer her forearm as a resting place for her. She knew the falcon’s sharp talons would slice her arm to the bone. The bird ruffled her feathers and then spread her wings and swooped down, landing on the ground nearby. Zoe glanced around, hoping nobody was watching her. She didn’t see anybody, so she crouched down and whispered, “Iolani, it is you! Come here, let me see the message you have.”

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