Monday, November 06, 2006

Writing, etc update - from Rachel Rossano's Blog

I haven't given y'all one of these in a while.

I am happily working away on both Zez and Wren in the time cracks. Hadrian and Zez have finally been reunited. I am not quite happy with the scene, but considering that I haven't finished writing it, I shouldn't be too hard on myself. In Wren, Arthus has just watched Wren leave and he is following her to make sure that someone else isn't following her. Somehow, I don't think this is going to go over well with her when he is discovered.

In other writing news, the first order of review and selling copies of The Mercenary's Marriage are in the mail. Hurray! I shall be getting them any day now. I ordered promotional stuff, postcards to announce the release and updated business cards. I will let you all know when the release date is soon. I am thinking the middle of November. That way it will give you all plenty of time to order and receive your copy before Christmas. Just imagine it. The perfect holiday reading time, snuggled up with a cup of hot cocoa, coffee, or tea and a nice new Rachel Rossano novel to read. Okay enough of my shameless promotion. Somebody has to do it.

In other news, Thanksgiving is coming. Then closely on its heels Christmas comes calling. I have a ton to do, but I am being unusually delinquent this season. I haven't catalogued Kevin Sr.* yet to find out what shopping we have left and I haven't even contemplated digging out the Christmas cards. I think I am still in denial. Ah, reality will hit soon enough. Meanwhile, I shall ignore the monster waiting for my attention and delight myself in my writing world and getting ready for Mercenary's release.

Rachel Rossano is the author of The Crown of Anavrea and The Mercenary's Marriage. You can find more information about her and her many other works at her website or her blog. She is currently the writer of Wren Romany.

* The original Kevin appeared while we were in the apartment. He is a metal cabinet about eyebrow-high on me, white, with shelves behind a single door and an orange sticker which reads "Kevin." We bought him at a garage sale for about $5. For the years that we lived in the apartment he became our pantry, but instead of calling him the pantry, we would refer to him as Kevin and get a multitude of odd looks.

"Honey, where is the soup that I bought yesterday?"

"Oh, I put it in Kevin."

So, he joined the oddities of our household along with the three Anything-But drawers, in which you will find anything but what you are looking for. (Stolen from a Diana Wynne Jones novel. Archer's Goon, I believe.) Then one day, while tag-saleing, we found a bargain, a large two door metal cabinet with shelves inside almost three times the size of Kevin. Upon bringing it home, he was christened Kevin Sr.

Now, Kevin Sr. is the normal storage place for all of the potential gifts that we purchase throughout the year, Christmas, birthdays, etc. Every year around this time, it is my job to catalogue his contents so we know who we haven't bought for yet. It is a tedious job, but I will do most anything to avoid long crowded lines at stores. So, this is the mysterious story of who it is who lingers in the back corner of our basement behind the laundry area hording goodies that are only let out once a year.


Blogger The Romany Epistles said...

Ooooh, I can't wait to read about Zez and Wren, although you'll forgive me if I say I'm most anxious for Zez since I've had longer to get into her story and she finally meets Hadrian again!!!! I can't wait to read the latest chapter!

I'm excited for you that everything's coming along with Mercenary's Marriage. Awesome! Katie has already asked for it for Christmas, and since I have a lovely, autographed original manuscript that may be worth fortunes someday, I think I'll get it for her instead of for myself. ;-)

That is HILARIOUS about Kevin!! I never heard anything so funny and ridulcous and cool, in real life. And the drawer in which one can find anything but what they're looking for is hilarious, too. Now I want to read that novel that it's from. Speaking of which, I'm not sure if I mentioned this or not, but I got Howl's Moving Castle from the library in September at your reccomendation and liked it a lot. :-)

Okay, now that I've written the longest comment I've written for anything in several years, I think I'll stop. ;-)

Love ya!


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