Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Chapter Four


My hand hovered above my dagger, but I hesitated. Angry shouts filled the woods carried on the wind from farther up the trail. I reached for my sword instead. It slipped free of its sheath as a bedraggled figure stumbled into view.

Her steps were hurried, but random. Wavering with each footfall, she looked about to collapse. “Help me.” Crumpling onto her hands and knees, she crawled forward breathing heavily. Each labored gasp contorted her bony shoulders. Lifting a haunted face with dark-rimed eyes, she looked up at me, gasping. “They will kill me.” She drew a shallow breath that shook her whole being. “I cannot run anymore.”

Chapter Four by Rachel Rossano is posted on Wren's blog. Come, read, comment.


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