Thursday, December 14, 2006

Okay, honest this was not what I had planned. Gidryon simply had other ideas from the moment he first opened his mouth. Oh well. Sorry about the violence, please remember Aiden is now involved in a war. And he's starting to turn, but it will take some time. Let me know if you can tell.


“So you have come,” Gidryon said in a humbled voice.

“Excuse me?” I questioned totally confused.

“You have come,” he repeated his words quite calmly.

“I didn’t know you were expecting me,” I finally said.

A very law rumble came from inside him. I can only guess he was laughing.

“I have been waiting for you for a long time,” he replied.

I stared at him not exactly sure what I was supposed to reply to this. I waited silently for a moment, but nothing startling to say came to mind. Mistaken identity was all I could think of, but I should use it to my advantage now.

“Well, I’m here now,” I said with a smile.

“Are you ready then?”

“Ready?” I asked, surprised.

“To do your deed? You did come to kill me, did you not?” He said it as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world, but I stared at him in shock. His words only barley registering.

“How…” I tried to ask.


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