Thursday, January 04, 2007


"Did you come here to celebrate Annar's wedding feast?" Taerith asked.

"No," Joachim said. "Annar's affairs are not so important to the neighbouring kingdoms that they would send an emissary--even one as poor as I. I came to deliver a message. And you?"

"I hardly know," Taerith said. "My wandering brought me here, and I believe I am to stay here... I confess I understand little of the path that has led to today."

Joachim smiled. "We are both men sent by God," he said. "I knew you had the mark of Deus on you the first time I saw you, standing as the queen's defender."

The memory came back to Taerith in a rush: Joachim had been the priest with Borden when the prince had come with his guard to escort Lilia to the castle.

"I don't know what you saw," Taerith said. "If Deus has touched me--and I believe perhaps he has--it was not so long ago as that."

"That was hardly long ago," Joachim said, chuckling. "But Deus chooses a man long before the man knows he is chosen."

"Chosen for what?" Taerith asked.

"Only you can answer that," Joachim replied.

* * *

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