Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Choice

As he spoke, Daelia felt time stop and the trader’s voice fade away. A familiar sensation washed over her as she saw a picture in the back of her mind. The picture was not of a person or an event, but of a feeling; a sense of peace and assurance, but also of urgency and warning.

Something important was going to happen; something that hinged on the decision she was being asked to make at that very moment. Suddenly the picture changed, and she now saw a young woman, herself, wandering up and down a street that seemed never to end. After what she new to be an eternity, the young woman collapsed and lay motionless.

Then as quickly as it had come, the feeling vanished, and the market noise picked up where it had left off. The trader was waiting for her to answer.

Chapter 7 of Daelia is up!


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