Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Writing Sample on Writing

I had to do a writing sample for someone about a favorite hobby and this is what I wrote:

The sound and form of words and thoughts captivated me at a very young age. At first it was the illusion and drama of a story well told. Then, as I grew and matured, it became the turn of phrase. Now, I strive to capture the magic and power of the written word on my page. My pen, or in this case my keyboard, attempts to represent not just reality, but a heightened, noble perception of reality. A world where characters are understandable; life is always exciting on some level; one can escape from the dull or mundane into the fantasy. I don’t always succeed at this. There are times that I struggle to find the right words or powerful image, but still I find I cannot give in to despair. Though it is possible that no one will read my prose, love my characters, or applaud my plots, I still must try. I grasp at the great tales of those who have gone on before me. I attempt to pull from within something worthwhile and original. Using words that speak to my soul and I hope to others’ souls as well, I shall continue to write. It is like a drug that I can never purge from my system. The desire haunts me even when I know I shall fail. I look at the worn dialogue, fragmented, and limp. I see the flaws and I can predict the hardship ahead. But despite the long moments of dragging each word letter by letter to the page that lies before me, I cannot turn away. The words call to me, the story sings in my head, and the characters clamor for life. I must go onward. I cannot stop. I write.

© Rachel Rossano
Author of Wren Romany


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Well said. *applause rings out*

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